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Yesterday went to see The adventures of TinTin!
OMG I love this i___i I was like crazy watching the movie becuse it really brings me treasures memories. I learned so many things with Tintin <3 can't wait for the next movie!

So the meme!

Day 4 - You also have a least favorite (past or present). Talk about himCollapse )

Day 5 - Talk about your favorite “behind the scenes” moment(s)Collapse )


and this video i just found

I love it <3 Shunchan e Maakun audition for All night nippon!

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Day 1 - How did you become a fan?
Day 2 - Your first impression of each member.

Day 3 - You have a bias (past or present). Talk about him.

I do have a bias.....
and he is Araki Hirofumi!
I'm COMPLETELY biased of the whole group, if there is a D-BOY/former in something, i'll be there... if possible, of course xD
Buuuut, among the group, Araki is the one xD
I don't think it was like this at the beggining... i didn't like his Inui, but in DD-BOYS he was funny and with that funny faces and all the drama~ reading his blog was alwyas awesome, he is transparent with his feelings, and show a very simple side of him when he isn't in the mood of being idol-rashi. He doesn't mind showing up a bare face, he talks about family with such love, he has some quirks when he talks, when he is excited is like he is talking in an allien language, and when he is sad it would just broke my heart apart. I hate when people keep saying he is girly~girly~girly. Thus people don't know him. Because he is rally manly almost all the time xD. Lately I'm worried because he is always sleeping late, and the weather isn't good, and if you don't sleep well, you'll be sick. Seto is already sick and they are always together. Seto, you better not pass this influenza to Araki ù_u. He likes to talk about fashion and weather, he can cook, he cares about what people said, and he likes to be praised, he'll cry in every situation. he is emotional, but he is a direct man. He is the type that fight for love... and Loooots of others things ne xD I can talk about araki until my voice desappear... but here I'm typing so... I think i can do it infinitely xDDD

I don't think he is real. i've been an anime fan since I was born, so it was easy for me to fall for some fictional character.... Then when I start in this idol World, they were like fictional characters for me too... As i said in Tilmon's entry, and I often say it to Beccy, kao, Misa and Paffu... Until the day i see them with my own eyes, I'll keep saying they aren't real.

But' that's it.. when i realized I was in love with his guy... Sometimes i'm just angry he is so famous now xD He wasn't like that in the past! I'm happy, of course... I like him because of his work, and he deserves all this success~ But I don't think he read my letters/messages, or that someday he'll even use the gifts i sent~ but I'm fine with that~ Because, if he is happy, than I have to do my best to be happy too.
And I have to keep my promisse with him! though I don't think he ever read this promise, nee... still I have this in my heart and I'll do my best!


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Happy new year!
1st post of the year, with the same title too..
since this year i don't have anything to share xDD

just reading some fandom news
So Sakamoto Shougo left amuse in order to focus on his studies~~
hat's honorable for his part, but is kinda sad for the fans nee... i-i
I hope he return! He is really talented and has a lot to do in the industry!

Jinn in Gobuster!
actually i was titaly thinking about skip this year Super Senta... the story isn't good, the boys arent that 'sweet heart' of mine.... but then, THIS GUY just had to be THE VILLAIN
sahduiahsduishaduiahs Ahhhhhh my times wth Ikemen Villain in Super Sentai... you already know the story xDD if don't, just return like.. 5 YEARS of LJ and read my entries about gekiranger xDD
I like the idea... i'm just praying for not so many BIASEd fans appars... y'know... i may not be the best fan of D2, sadly.... but i don't pretend to be.... so I talk what I know... and just! I try everyday a little more... but I hate when people who doesn't know, talk as if do... Like... do you this GUY has A NAME and it isn't the character name, and HE IS NOT the character, and he MIGHT BE REALLY DIFFERENT from the character he plays??!?! is that so difficult to understand??!?! Please! he is AN ACTOR.

Ok, fandom rage apart, i'm glad we'll see more of jin =)))
Next chance is just 2013, but i still hoping for Ponkichi is some super Sentai series XD he has the skill, i'm telling you! xDD

Laso, Soooooon~~~~~LOVE HEAVEN release!
Couldn't buy first press because i was LATE! *hates myself*
But, yesasia had Limited version 1st press so I bought it there... hope it'll be here soon~~
Than i have to buy the other 2 versions after... maybe together with ato 1cm no mirai i don't have~~
My DVD of D-DATE's 1st live tour ISN'T here yet~~ but i bought it via SAL, so.... it'll take loooong~ next week or the other.... maybe =//

Anyway... that's it!

Sould read more lj personal entries... I want to know more people =/

see ya!
31st-Dec-2011 11:28 pm - No snow in December
It's been really a long time...
I check LJ everyday, but i'm always to lazy to post!
What is sad, because LJ is something that made me met some good friends I have now, and I'd like to met many others.....

Well 2011.... is over [actually 2 hours till the end....]
This is year was... not so bad, but you can tell for many of my few entries that I was kinda... 'lost' in many things xDD

So let's resume the year in th anual meme post! 5 years and counting!

To the meme!

Stolen from none_neither
Pick the title and the first sentence of the first post of each month meme:

Between the linesCollapse )

Picture perfect LoveCollapse )

2012! Please be kind with me! I don't believe world will end. I still have some Father's promisses to live on!

Now i'm going to drink some beer with my father and cousin xDD

2011 sayonara!
2012 yoroshiku!!!!
8th-Nov-2011 10:56 pm - Please stay with me
Channaka &lt;3
Just for today, I'll cry. Tomorrow I'll be smiling, and I'll be strong for you and for me.. I won't stop to seek for your smile.

I don't want to think this is the last thing we'll hear about you...
27th-Oct-2011 11:03 am - Halo
I wish I could here more often...
but everytime I think bout posting... I just... don't xD

sometimes I think the past was better...
I mean... I'm living better now right? Am I?
Thinking about that, I can't really find where I'm better... I have a job, I spend my own money, I have amazing friends.... but why I am not happy as I was before? What should I do to be happy?

I don't really know....
25th-Sep-2011 05:03 pm - Everything is going to be all right
For the next 3 months...

It also changed name

The Mc will change each 3 months~
but the first combi is just...
AraZukki combi... and I mean.. THEY SAID ARAZUKKI!! it hjas always been ZukiAra everywhere! but this time they said AraZukki
i'm so happy!

I feel like Araki and Zukki didn't met in ages! hsauidhai
I hope we can see nice blogs and awesome radios ♥♥

Posted just to say that

though it still a little... "empty heart"... I think everything is going to be all right

Maakun! Shyunchan!!! Otsukaresama!!!!!!
For four years I listen to your show and it was BEYOND AWESOME!
Shunchan's laugh, maakuns stories~ and the guests... always so amazing~~ I don't think AT ALL, that there is another way to knoe the boys better than D-RADIO ♥ maybe i didn't undestrand everything, but in this show you know things you can't fing any other place. nor blogs or mgz.... it's just amazing, genuine, friends talk <3

Thanks for not ending it ♥

See ya! o/~
14th-Sep-2011 11:46 am - Monochrome effect
On sunday was X-JAPAN concert!
It was awesome!
I'm not really a fan of the band, but the concert is amazing~
and seeing the joy on the fan's face is so great!

When they sang Forever Love and Endless Rin i cried.... because it was So PRetty!
Toshi almost didn't sing~it was just the fans~~
really pretty!

On november we have Versailles... but not sure if it'll be a good show as X-JAPAN was....


Life is being unfair again...


as much as it is unfair... I still alive.... so I want to live... on my way.....
so why can't I?
26th-Aug-2011 04:33 pm - emotional beat
yappari lj is the only place for me to be myself

it's being hard... when someone that is suppose to make your mind clear is just making you even more confuse

But what i mean is.... this person isn't wrong... am i being to naive?
I'm the one that must fight for my dream, and make the first step....

Why do I have to blame someone?
I'm so stupid
I am SO stupid

I love it, if possible i'd continue to do this... but this isn't my dream... and i don't want my love for this job turn into something bad...
should I stop it now and see what happens?? or do I have to continue?

I don't know... really don't...
I can keep the job and the acting lessons but... I really wish I could focus only on my lessons... but I haven't even started this like I was waiting... for he whole year... for 2 years now.. since i stopped it... i was really looking foward to return... and why wasn't I abble to? Why am I so stupid?? giving myself to my work so much... and i'm not even being usefull >____< people there does like me and I like them.. but I feel i'm just annoying the serious business with my weakness... Because everyday more and more I wish I was at another place and not there..... Even so... I love this job so much >__<

I want this year to end. It's was a good year. Lot of good things happened, i don't want to complain... I just want the new semester to start... because even if I have to return to the damn call center I'll start over with the acting lessons and make my dream come true ú__u

now let's clean the dishes~

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