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Waiting for end = No Future

Leticia Hughes

Leticia Hughes - Version 2.1 - São Paulo
... Hi!

An ordinary girl with her passions and prides, always bored, but always happy. Dork, singer, dancer, actress and guitar player. Fangirl, otaku, bad english skills.
My Friends are my life!
Anime&Manga, cosplayer, BL, JDrama.
Tenimyu,D-BOYS, NACHURAL, PureBOYS, Burimyu, *pnish*.
YUI, No regret Life, ONE OK ROCK, AAA, Abingdon Boys School, Base Ball Bear, Chou Hikou Shounen, Straightener, DBSK, Super Junior.

○『Buchou』~ 『Namikawa Chief』~ 『Banana』~
『Missing Piece』~ 『Chinbi Lee Li』○

Wanna ask Something? Coment me!

Or if you speak portuguese, you can visit my fotolog

...That's all, folks!

よろしく! m(. .)m


Layout: do_n

Icons: mukimpokun, do_n, letihughes

Mood Theme: citharia

Scans: pali_mari

ありがとう! m(.__.)m


Tenimyu 1st♥LOVE (by fencer_x)